Mission Statement

The True Left is the movement meant to organize leftists – those talked about by Jesus in his beatitudes – as an indivisible and unconquerable force to realize their dream – our dream – of creating a better world. What is a better world? It is a world where none are in need, be it from hunger, thirst, lack of shelter, or any of the other troubles caused by selfishness and greed, and in which all can support themselves and others should they so wish. It is a world of simplicity, where the madness of perpetually accelerating growth and complexity does not reach. It is a world of truth, where illusions are laid bare. It is a world where our calling to meaningful service and freedom can be satisfied. It is a world united in devotion to the same ideals of compassion, selflessness, honor, and nobility. Finally, it is a world to which we are not bound, and in which we may find leisure to devote to our final transcendence.

“Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” – Jesus

We, like all serious anti-Zionists, are aware of the danger posed by Jewish tribalism on the rest of the world. And we, like all serious anti-Zionists, intend to topple the Jewish tribe’s hegemony, not for our benefit, but because we realize a better world would not be possible otherwise.

However, we are under no illusion about the overall quality of mankind, about how easily susceptible people are to greed and corruption, and thus how unable they are to fight for the same world as us. The recent rise of the far-right shows just that. They do not pose an isolated threat, limiting themselves and their Jewish masters to the West. Rather the West’s military machinery and its history shows they are capable of wiping out resistance to their tribe (and to Jews, lest we forget) everywhere else. Therefore isolated anti-Zionism is not nearly enough to create a better world. Rather the banner of anti-Zionism must be the same as the banner which challenges all tribalism, and especially that of the far-right.

Our banner is that banner. The values of barbarians are not the same as our values, so we do not seek equality with them. The True Left is an aristocratic movement which emphasizes rare individual nobility over mass barbarism, personality over identity, and quality over quantity. Our mission is to end the ignobility which shuts out the dawn of a better world. Until we live in a world where monstrosities like Zionism and the far-right cannot arise again, our mission will not be complete.